Email Marketing for Restaurants is not so popular. There are big businesses who've gained success in this, but not every business thinks about it this way.

Email Marketing is a great way to build a loyal audience and serve them. It helps you in maximizing sales, gaining more trust out of the emails and eventually, gaining more authority of the industry you're in.

And if you do Email Marketing for Restaurant, it's like giving bread to the fishes. They'll always attract and stick to it.

Email marketing includes sending emails to your audience who've subscribed for your newsletters. You provide them monthly newsletters to keep them updated about what's going on. You also send them regular emails like, promotional emails, educational email, discount email etc. If you're not familiar with Email Marketing, we suggest you go and study it first!

In this blog, we aren't going to provide you the strategy for basic email marketing that's applicable for every industry, but some strategies that are just for your restaurant, and we'll name it “Email Marketing For Restaurant”. So, here they are! –

  1. Share Photos

We've all been here. As soon as we see a tasty photograph, in a literal way, a mouth watering photograph, we start to crave it. We look for ways to order it and have it.

Same happens with the audience, they're attracted to photos more than words. What will attract you  more  if I wrote “this is a golden brown pancake, with honey over it, all set to eat and to get lost in” or if I showed you 

Email Marketing For Restaurant: Strategies To Be Unique

Yes, I too would get attracted to the pancake! 

When you write an email to your audience, insert a high quality and appealing photograph of the dishes that you are offering to them. This would play a role of attracting all the bees to honey. Keep in mind that, it should always be just one step to order. The easier it is to order, the more chances are to get orders. Simple!

  1. Personal Stories

We're all lovers of stories. Whether there's a child, an adult or an aged person, they all love hearing stories. Use this fact as a tool for your email marketing.

While sending out emails, include personal stories. You can share stories of the chef or notes by them that can be inspirational and helpful for your audience. You can also insert a photograph like this

Email Marketing For Restaurant: Strategies To Be Unique

Youcan share the stories and  inspiration behind various dishes that you offer as well as those that are famous in the world.

When chefs share their personal experience, “from where they were to what they became and how”, this makes the audience engage deeper with your emails.

  1. Feedbacks

Ever made food for your mum or dad, or any of your special people and asked “how was it” at the end? You probably would have seen them think a bit and then smile.

Make your audience give you some minutes and make them smile. Whenever your audience orders food from you, ask them for feedback. Or even if they do it rarely, ask them about it generally. Ask them to tell you what they like and what they want you to improve.

Email Marketing For Restaurant: Strategies To Be Unique

This makes your audience think that their opinion matters as well as it helps you in improving more!

You can even ask them to contribute to a small survey. This gives you insight about how your customers actually feel.

  1. Share Recipes And Tips

During COVID times, you would've seen so many videos and emails where chefs personally used to share some tips and tricks to make food in a better way. This interested people a lot, and they actually started trying different kinds of food at home. 

Now when everyone's back to work, this trend has been left by many chefs but, did the people get over it? No. They still search for tips and tricks to make food better.

You can accelerate your email marketing by providing your subscribers with some great tips and some secrets that only you know.

This helps in building trust and forms a meaningful connection!

  1. New Items In The Menu 

Everything needs an update, and so does your menu! How long would you keep the same 15 dishes on your menu? How about adding some more.

Never step back from trying to add a new touch to your menu cards. Add new items in your menu according to

  • Seasons – something that people crave in a particular season

  • Festival – It's Diwali and you won't even offer us a  laddu? No way!

  • Holidays – Try to provide them something that tastes a lot different and hits their taste buds. They'll come back for sure.

  • Birthdays – how about some cakes and party food? 

Whenever you come up with any of the “add to the menu” ideas, share it with your subscribers first! They're the most loyal people and so they deserve it.

  1. Promo Codes

It's always so great when you just sign-up and get an offer on the doorstep. 

Make your subscribers happy. Share promo codes with them weekly or monthly newsletters that are just for them. Offer some discount to those too who order regularly from you. These kinds of beautiful creatures deserve special treatment.

Giving discounts and offers helps in increasing the traffic that visits your website. And when your subscribers spread the words about it, then you're about to gain more subscribers. 

This increases the chances of getting referred to someone by your existing audience and repeat purchases.


Email Marketing For Restaurant is an “always ready to bloom” type of marketing.

You can share photos, promo codes, personal stories as well as new menu items to attract more audiences to you and grow your audience base. 

So, don't step back, and let's start!

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