Podcasts hold a significant spot on the spectrum of book marketing services trending today. They've exploded in popularity over the past several years and show no signs of slowing down. Authors in many genres today have launched podcast series, and appearing as a guest on others also works well to promote your book. In the past, there were long-form radio interviews, but they required people to be listening at a particular time. They were also often interrupted by commercials and may have had some limits on what could be discussed. Podcasts don't have those drawbacks, and listeners love them.

Communicating with people in an audio-only medium creates an intimacy not found in other media. You can also have longer-form conversations in podcasts that allow people to become more deeply interested in the topic. Podcasts are also budget-friendly and cost relatively little to start. If you have a decent social media following, you have a natural place to promote each episode, and they can be archived. Allowing people to listen at times of their convenience and go back to previous episodes creates excellent potential to reach large audiences over time; your podcasts can stay online for years.

The internet, podcasts included, has also ushered in an era of niche marketing. It means you reach smaller audiences, but they are more interested in you and your topic. When it comes to selling books, a highly interested audience nearly always buys more than a large, general audience. All of this aligns with the realignment of the media that has been occurring, going from mass to specialized audiences. There are also no limits to what can be discussed in a podcast or its length. That said, respecting the audience's time and not being overly long is an asset – you want to hold people's attention.

Nonfiction authors can use their podcasts to talk about their expertise, aligned with what is in their books. Novelists and other fiction writers more often discuss their books and stories. Characters, locations, and time periods are other potential topics. You can try the time-honored technique of reading a chapter from your book to spark people's interest. The idea is to give away just enough to spark interest without disclosing the story. As with everything else in content development, listening to other podcasts is an excellent way to learn. Soon enough, you'll know what to say to your audience.

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