The Worldwide Travel and Tourism Council says that travel and tourism employ 8% of the world's workers and have a lot of room for growth in the global business world. 

Both hospitality and tourism are interrelated and offer significant job prospects. 

According to hospitality industry professionals, the international hospitality sector requires young people with strong managerial training and productivity levels.

In recent years, there has been a significant growth in the need for both hospitality and tourism graduates in the business. 

People are traveling more these days, whether for business or pleasure, and they depend on hospitality experts for service and comfort while they are away from home.

There are a few reputable colleges in India that provide basic hospitality education with specialties in hotel management and travel management. 

The programs of these academic programs include discipline-based courses that give a thorough combination of practical and theoretical knowledge.

Whether it is a degree course in hotel management or a certificate in tourism and travel management, students will learn more proficiency than others who do not have a formal education in this profession.

Entry-Level Job Opportunities

All candidates must be friendly, have good work habits, and be committed to giving great service.

Even though most new graduates don't have much work experience, they can get jobs in this industry if they get the right training and prepare themselves well.

Exciting Working Conditions

Although a physically demanding and time-consuming profession, a career in hotel management enables staff to experience the same pleasant environment that attracts customers and travellers looking for a good time. 

It won't ever be a typical job with set hours of nine to five. To provide courteous and efficient customer service, one needs excellent communication skills, patience, and a pleasant demeanour, even if one works in the tourism industry as a profession and is successful.

Competitive Pay Rates

Internationally, hotels, bars, restaurants, and resorts provide an abundance of well-paying employment opportunities. In Malaysia, compensation varies by field within the hospitality industry. 

At a hotel, for instance, the pay ranges for management positions in the lodging department and food and beverage section would range. 

In the tourist business, the compensation of a Travel and Tourism Manager may vary from that of a Hotel Manager.


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