Table lamps for example have many purposes. They are used in various rooms for multiple tasks. They can be used for tasks such as reading, eating or even just a mood light. They look gorgeous in all types of settings. If you are confused as to what lighting would look in a place, you can always opt for a table lamp. You can find so many  table lamps online. You can find table lamps for bedrooms and table lamps for living rooms. They are also available in so many styles, colors, materials and sizes as well.

A good table lamp will really define your place. Having the table lamp you love is a start. But if you are still confused and not sure what to look at, here are a few inspirations you could look at before choosing that one table lamp.

Vintage Touch

A nice homely feel is what we look for in our home. Anything that resembles our childhood or is a part of our life makes your house feel like home. We all love a nice touch of vintage in our house. If you love this style then these types of table lamps are perfect for you.

Antique lamps are very easy to identify. They are generally made from materials like wood, stone or terracotta. You can style these vintage lamps very easily. Keep it on your bedside table, dining table or even on your study table. It will look gorgeous everywhere. 

Industrial Feel

This type of style is currently trending. They look good in all interior styles. They are very unique and raw. They look raw and unfinished. But this is the look which people love. This look will make your space look edgy and very cool.

In this style you will find exposed bulbs or wires. They are safe and extremely stylish. They often make some lovely statement pieces. These lights lean more toward aesthetics than towards functionality. You can decorate your home beautifully using these lights. They would definitely make a very unique decor for your house.

Glamorous Drama

Who doesn't love a sprinkle of drama. A little glam here and there will not hurt anyone. It will definitely create a little excitement within the space. And we all love that.

Any lamp which is extravagant could be termed as glamorous. It could have glass and crystals to add glamor. They would that little spice your space needed. You can use it to style some boring corners or even a dull room. Keep this luxury table lamp on a table and watch it create magic. Adding a little glamorous drama to your place will elevate your home. 

Ideas To Create the Perfect Lighting Scheme Using Table Lamps

Beachy vibes

As the name says, these types of table lamps are beach and sea inspired. They will remind you of the coastal regions. Their designs and color will definitely take you to some beautiful beaches.

These types of table lamps have unique materials which are related to the beach. You find sea shells or corals around the lamp. It would also have some patterns and colors which are related to the sea. These lamps would be perfect for summer homes. They add a little holiday vibe. They are very practical and would be a great addition to your space.

Mid Century Modern 

This is a very commonly known style. There was a time when everyone loved this style. This style isn't out of trend and would still look great even today. This is a style which can be a little elegant and sophisticated. If you are into styles like this then these lamps are a great choice. 

They are recognized by their clean lines and minimalistic look. A little bit of geometry and bold colors define this style. You don't have to do much to style it. They will look perfect anywhere. A classic style to choose. 

Ideas To Create the Perfect Lighting Scheme Using Table Lamps

Marble Effect 

Marble effect would look great in today's modern home. These types of marble table lamps create a beautiful decor. The marble lamps are different from other types of lamps. 

You can identify them very easily. The base of these lamps are either ceramic or marble itself. The print on these ceramic table lamps would look like marble. They would create a beautiful ambience. You can place them on your study table or on your dining table. Their bulky look will fill up empty spaces. They are perfect for large tables. 

Stylish Yet Elegant 

A stylish yet elegant home is something we all wish. Not only is the style beautiful but the decor pieces are simple and clean. Elegant lamps do add that touch of elegance to the place. They make your space look brighter and attractive. 

Elegance would mean different things for different people. A simple lamp could be a minimal design or a subtle color. You can style them next to other decor elements as well. They would look gorgeous in your room.

Ideas To Create the Perfect Lighting Scheme Using Table Lamps

These table lamps will definitely elevate and highlight your space. Using your own style you can decorate your space. Add a little bit of character to the space by making it unique to you and you will love the light scheme you have chosen. 

  1. 1 Winged Marble Lamp with Copper Antique Finish Metal Base & White Shade

    Ideas To Create the Perfect Lighting Scheme Using Table Lamps

    Marble stones from the rich quarries of Rajasthan has always adorned the habitat of the Royals. Our elite range of marble lamps brings the same touch of elegance and aristocracy to your space. Add this to your home, office, work place to experience a truly rich ambience created with contemporary design concepts.

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