WhatsApp is hailed as one of the best cross-communication interfaces used almost every day as a digital mode of communication. While WhatsApp is free and provides ease of use, many business owners see this software as a perfect ad-hoc solution for internal communication, especially for mobile frontline employees. 

Indeed WhatsApp is a perfect tool for staying connected with your family and friends. Still, WhatsApp cannot be used as a workplace communication software. Bad Idea! If you're planning to use WhatsApp for workforce connectivity. 

Want To Create A WhatsApp Like App For Your Business?

Business is all about seamless connectivity and coordination between employees and departments at all levels. 

The first question business owners would have is- How much will it cost to make an app like WhatsApp that is easy to use and doesn't require any extensive technical knowledge? 

Here is a quick answer on how much it will cost you to create a WhatsApp interface- 

Want To Create A WhatsApp Like App For Your Workplace? Here's The Solution!

So from the above table, we can conclude that developing a WhatsApp blueprint can cost nearly around $25000. Also, there are several other aspects that you need to look after while creating a WhatsApp, like an instant messaging app, such as team size, location, platform, and company size. 

Roles Of Business Communication Applications In Business 

Seamless communication is the backbone of every successful business running online. As a leading Custom Mobile App Development, we have sensed the power of having a user-friendly mobile communication application; it's just like oxygen for every modern business connected with a series of operations of every sector. After the outbreak of COVID-19, the corporate world woke up to the reality that mobile communication applications are undeniably important for achieving business outcomes, vision, and expectations. 

Why Are Business Communication Apps Inevitable In The Modern Workplace? 

The latest report showed that more than 63% of people prefer communication through messaging apps instead of calls or emails. In addition, almost 60% of business enterprises are powering their workforce with smart & reliable communication applications. That is because business communication apps perfectly suit the evolving workplace culture while opening up ways to ensure improved employee productivity.

How do Communication Applications Contribute To Business Growth?

If you're still weighing the pros of having mobile communication applications for your workplace, then this section is for you. Here we have listed the major advantages of having mobile applications for your business, including the following- 

  • Easy communication 

  • Unmatchable adaptability 

  • Effortless task management 

  • Real-Time Communication

  • Performance tracking 

  • Improved productivity 

  • Less Unproductive Meetings

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