A high EQ, or emotional intelligence level, is defined as the ability to analyze and understand the actual meaning of emotions and then use that knowledge to shape them in a more constructive manner to one's benefit.

The following skills and benefits come from having a high EQ, which can be loosely grouped and defined as follows:

Comprehension: Comprehension is the talent and capacity to perceive emotions in all faces, expressions, and actions, as well as to understand how these emotions have an essential role in our everyday lives. 

This is the initial or fundamental stage in increasing your emotional general intelligence, and it serves as the basis for the entire process.

Utilization: You can filter out the unwanted or discouraging emotions and use the power of the more positive ones to your advantage with a new and deeper knowledge of emotions. 

An individual with a high degree of "EQ" is able to manage the fluctuation of their emotions and draw optimal energy output for themselves. 

Simultaneously, once we have gained a better and clearer awareness of emotions in ourselves and in others in general, we are able to engage with others better and get better outcomes from our relationships for mutual benefit.

For example, if someone in your office reacts to a situation with anger and aggression and expresses it towards you because they have high emotional intelligence, you can see that deep down their anger is a scream for help. 

So, you comfort that guy by expressing your respect for his sentiments and providing help in any manner you can. 

While no actual help is necessary, he immediately feels better and then opens up and speaks more, indicating that he is revealing valuable information about why he is angry. 

This may now be used to give him a viable solution to his genuine problem, which is hidden behind his anger.

Problem-Solving: This level is somewhat different and more complex than the previous one since it entails utilizing your increased and enhanced EQ to solve complicated relationship problems due to the clarity regarding emotional behavior.

Alchemy: At this level of high EQ, you are able to turn even the strongest negative emotions into harmonious ones and use the negative emotions to make something positive.

There are several advantages to improving your EQ. You are no longer held captive by your obsessive behavior. 

You become an outstanding manager of emotional behavior, which allows you to be an excellent manager in any situation. 

Needless to say, optimism and control will assist you in living a healthier, happier, and more prosperous life.

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