In this post, we'll talk about Openable Invisible Grille for balcony and why you might want to install one. How about we get started? Living in a high-rise building has many benefits, such as beautiful views that can't be blocked, a variety of conveniences, and the feeling of being cut off from the rest of the world in your own little bubble.

But there are downsides to living in a high-rise, like how long it takes to get from your apartment to your car. Not only that, but safety may be your top concern if you have young children or pets.

In May 2020, a toddler died after falling off the balcony of a condo on the 12th floor. He or she had been left at home with a younger sister in an unlocked room. According to the autopsy, she died because of serious injuries to her head and skull as well as various wounds on the outside and inside of her body.

In Malaysia and other countries around the world, there have been a lot of terrible events like these over the past five years. Because there aren't as many places to build or because land prices are going up, more condos and high-rise buildings have been built in the past few years, especially in capital towns.

We went to the client's house several times to measure the Openable Invisible Grille for deck.

A mother told us something as we were going to her house. She told us that she was surprised to see her three-year-old daughter climb the fence while she was in the kitchen for a minute or two. About half of her body was leaning over the top of the balcony wall.

We've seen a lot of curious children leaning over the balcony. Some very smart and creative kids have even moved their toys or plastic furniture to make'stairs' up to the balcony.

Think about how scared you would be if something bad had happened. With our transparent safety grille, you can cut down on safety worries and stop mistakes at the same time. This piece talks about how important it is to build a balcony grill that can't be seen.

Why should you put an Openable Invisible Grille in your home?

If you're looking for Openable Invisible Grille, you'll probably find a number of safety grilles, including Openable Invisible Grille. When you look closely, you can see some of them. But because they are made of small, thin lines, they can't be seen from far away. Find out why you should put in an invisible outdoor grill:

Openable Invisible Grille can help avoid dangerous falls.

We hear a lot of stories about kids or dogs being left alone at home, which can lead to bad things. Openable Invisible Grille for balcony can be used as a barrier to stop this from happening at your windows, doors, or stairs. Putting in an Openable Invisible Grille for your deck can also give you peace of mind.

Openable Invisible Grille are durable.

The ELELAURELS Safety Grille is made of high-quality 316L stainless steel and has a 2mm inner layer to make it strong. Also, each wire can hold up to 250 kg of tension, which makes them very strong. With a wire cutter, the grilles can be cut in an emergency so that people can get out quickly.

The Openable Invisible Grille won't rust.

Invisible Openable Invisible Grilles (invisible balcony grill) are less likely to rust than regular metal grilles, which tend to do so over time. But this depends on what type of stainless steel your supplier or installer used. If you can choose, choose 316 stainless steel because it doesn't rust easily.

Balcony grills that can't be seen.

Openable Invisible Grille are almost invisible from far away, as their name suggests. If your deck has a great view, you probably don't want big metal grilles blocking it. They also look good with any modern home style, so you don't have to give up your beautiful views to feel safe and secure.

Do you want to install an Openable Invisible Grille (invisible patio grill) at your house? Before you choose, ELELAURELS gives you a free meeting on-site. Call +65 8224 2252 or send an email to for more information.


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