A friendship is something you will always cherish. Friends have a special link; they encourage us to succeed in life and support us when we face obstacles. That is why you should constantly try to make them feel special and let them know how unique they are in your life on their birthday. In this write-up, we will discuss top 13 happy birthday poem for friend that are sweet, funny and meaningful. 

Happy birthday poem for friend

 1. Cherished Friend

On your special day, my dear,

I’m absolutely buzzing with joy and cheer!

There is so much joy and happiness that you give us.

A true friend who sticks and stands by me no matter what.

May your year be filled with pure bliss.

The party you will not want to miss!

2. Friendship Shines

There is another year, and it has passed just like that.

And friendship, it lights on.

In good times and bad, you have always stuck around.

A bond, so strong, beyond measure.

While celebrating this special occasion.

I hope your joy stays with you forever.

May your birthday be grander than ever!

3. Laughter and Smiles

Birthdays are a time to reflect.

How our lives intersect.

Being with you, my dear, is always exciting.

Laughter and smiles, our hearts bring.

Little things that light up the world with grace.

That’s for another year well-lived.

A friendship that has a lot to give.

4. Kindred Spirits

We are the same kind of people, you and I.

Tied by a bond that we can’t deny.

On your birthday, you should always know this.

How much your presence means, a gift to behold it is.

Surrounded by the love that never fails.

Cheers to another trip around the sun!

May your life be filled with happiness, every single one.is

5. Timeless Bond

Our friendship can not fade with time,

A friendship that is really sublime.

As you are celebrating your birthday,

I’d have to thank you and other things to say. 

Your birthday is a day of delight,

The days with the moments that are bright.

Cheers for another year, my dearest friend.

May all of your joy and happiness be endless.

6. Endless Blessings

Another birthday, another year,

Greatly blessed, so dear.

You’ve always been my rock.

A real friend, through good times and bad times.

Surrounded by the ones we love, hand in hand.

This is for the next trip around the sun.

I wish you all the fun in the world.

If you want to know more happy birthday poem for friend, continue reading. 

7. Treasured Moments

The moments we’ve had all are very close to my heart.

Memories that will never keep us apart. 

I hope that on your birthday you will know,

How close my friendship with you has helped me grow.

Enjoy the day with happiness and joy.

Surrounded by love that never fades.

This is another year for you,

May you always be happy and never stop whatever you do.

8. Lifelong Journey

Over the years, our friendship has developed into something more.

The bond that has only grown up is what we’ve shown at core.

During your next journey around the sun,

I’m blessed by the fact that you are my friend, my dear one.

To the road ahead, my buddy!

May your life be prosperous, beautiful and steady.

To show how much your friend means to you, you can dedicate the happy birthday poem for friend stated below. 

9. Unwavering Support

You are always there for me.

A friend whose loyalty I will never unsee.

On this special occsssion I must say,

How much you mean to me, every single day.

May your day be as blessed as it can be.

In the midst of love that is exactly what I want to be.

Here’s to another year,

May you never stop being happy my dear. 

10. Cherished Companion

You have been with me all along, through the thick and thin.

A treasured companion, a true friend is what you mean.

When you commemorate your special day,

I’m so thankful that you are my shine of ray.

May the special day be filled with pure delight.

Filled with moments that are so bright.

Happy birthday, my friend!

May you live to the fullest every day you spend.

11. Cheers to your birthday!

You might appear slightly older, but youth isn’t cheap. 

For that reason, skip the Botox parties and focus instead on getting enough sleep.

Take pride in your youthful essence, and look as good as gold.

Too bad you are not a billionaire, you lack the money to put your attractiveness on hold.

If you want to wish with a funny happy birthday poem for friend, keep reading. 

12. You are more than enough

It’s your birthday today; please don’t pluck your hair.

Examine yourself in the mirror; nature was just fair.

Not a day beyond twenty—you’re more than enough, I promise.

I don’t mean to bust your bubble, but when you consume so much caffeine, 

You start begging for trouble.

Cheers to the special day, 

I will listen to what you have to say. 

13. You look young

At your core, you’re still a teenager.

You usually eat in bed, you don’t like early dinner, You like pizza delivered at midnight.

No one can call you senior, otherwise you will fight. 

Your head is still hairier than your ears, 

You can easily finish two beers. 

You no longer have jiggling limbs like Jello, 

You are a very nice fellow. 


The list of top 13 happy birthday poem for friend are perfect to show them how much the friendship means to you. Writing a poem and your best wishes by hand on a beautiful piece of paper or a birthday card is a wonderful idea. Choose a poem from this list of birthday wishes for friends, or use these as inspiration to write a completely new one.

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