Symphony a30 is a very popular device that offers a lot of interesting features to the users at a very reasonable rate. Nowadays, a lot of smartphones are available in the market and most users prefer using these devices. But, in spite of the huge demand for smartphones, there are still a lot of people out there who wish to use devices, such as the symphony a30.

Here, we will be discussing in detail about symphony a30 price in bangladesh area, its pros and cons. When it comes to mobile phones, the first thing that a lot of users wish to know is its price. Followed by that, they wish to check out the different advantages offered by that phone. Finally, the prospective users might also wish to discover the disadvantages associated with this symphony a30 phone.

This discussion will offer you a thorough knowledge about this popular mobile phone, and if you are thinking about buying it in the near future, then please keep on reading. The details offered in this discussion will help you to arrive at a suitable decision.

Take a look at symphony a30 price in bangladesh area

Now, whenever we are going to get a new phone, the first thing that we think about is its price. The price of the popular phone symphony a30 in the Bangladesh area is considered to be around taka 1,060/-. Now, this is a very reasonable amount if we take a look at the different kinds of alluring features that the symphony a30 set offers to its users.

In this price range, you will be getting a wide variety of mobile phones. However, symphony a30 can be thought of as the perfect choice because of its classic look, efficient functionality, and interesting features. As a result, many phone buyers are coming forward and getting this popular set.

Though the price of this mobile phone in the Bangladesh area is taka 1,060/-, some users can get this phone at a lower price if they buy it during offer seasons. For instance, you need to keep a track of the prominent festivals during which the online sites come up with different kinds of offers. So, if you get your symphony a30 device during such periods, then you will be able to get a significant amount of reduction on its actual price.

So, buying intelligently will surely help you to get the symphony a30 device at a much lower rate. If your current budget matches with the price of this phone model, then you can definitely go ahead and purchase it. On the other hand, if you are not able to spend this amount of money, then you can try waiting for the offer seasons to come. Thereby, you will be able to get the symphony a30 device in Bangladesh at a much lower price value.

Symphony a30 Pros

After taking a look at symphony a30 price in Bangladesh area, many prospective buyers might want to find out if this price value is reasonable or not. To get an idea regarding this, we must go through the different pros associated with this specific device. The advantages offered by the popular symphony a30 phone will give us some clarity regarding the reasonability of its price amount. So, the important symphony a30 pros include:

Small Feature Phone

The people who are looking for small and handy devices should definitely get the symphony a30 device. This is a small feature phone and you will be able to carry it around quite conveniently.

Dual SIM feature

The symphony a30 set will give you the capacity to use two different sim cards at the same time. Dual SIM features at this price are definitely alluring.

Amazing Color Variant & Beautiful Design

This device comes in excellent color choices that satisfies the requirements of all kinds of users. The design of this set is also very unique and elegant.

Call Quality is excellent and Media Sound is very smooth

When it comes to small phones, a lot of people complain about call and media sound quality. But, with the symphony a30 device, the users will not have to worry about such aspects as the overall audio quality is excellent.

Auto Call Record

This option will give you the capacity to record all the calls automatically.

Battery Saver

The battery saving mode will enable you to minimize the battery use during crucial times.

Call Block

The Call Block option gives you the capacity to block all unwanted calls easily.

Apart from these pros, the symphony a30 set also offer Torch Light, Internet, Facebook, Keypad Notification Light, Whitelist, etc

Symphony a30 Cons

Now that we know the symphony a30 price in bangladesh area and its pros, let’s go through the cons associated with this set.

1.77 ” Display Size

With the symphony a30 phone, you will be getting a display size of 1.77 ”. This is a very small display size and a lot of users might not be comfortable with this small display.

1000 Mah Mini Battery

The symphony a30 device comes with a 1000 Mah Mini Battery. This can be considered as a major disadvantage associated with this phone.


We have taken a look at the symphony a30 price in bangladesh area, its pros and cons. As we can see, the price of the symphony a30 set is around taka 1,060/-. As we all know, every buyer has their own specific budget when it comes to getting a new phone. They will definitely wish to keep the price of their new phone within this specified budget. So, if you are thinking about getting the symphony a30 device and if its price falls within your budget range, then you can surely give it a try. This phone will offer you several amazing features at this reasonable rate and you will totally fall in love with this set. Though, there are a few disadvantages associated with this set, they can be kept aside considering the affordable price of this set.

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