A few viable tips for keeping your glass hanging lights looking as shining excellent and clean as the day you bought them…

Glass may be a wonderful material for making ceiling lights. It transmits and reflects light perfectly, and you’ll be able to design it into all sorts of dazzling styles and colors – from blown glass pendants to glass and brass lights to chandeliers. To create the foremost of your glass pendant lights it’s a great thought to do a few schedule support from time to time. As tidy and dirt build-up, it can influence both the productivity and the stylish offer of your lighting. By taking a few basic steps, you’ll be able to offer assistance to keep your glass pendant lamps looking as great as modern.

A ‘light clean’: maintaining your glass-hanging lights

Glass Pendant Lighting

You will be able to assist to diminish the build-up of soil and grime by giving your glass pendant lights a upkeep clean around once a week. This will commonly be done with the pendant in situ.

  • To begin with, turn off the control supply to the light and hold it up for the bulb to cool down.
  • Put your stepladder or chair on an indeed surface and make sure beyond any doubt you’ll be able to reach the light effectively and without having to overstretch. It’s moreover a great thought to wear a match of gloves when you’re cleaning, to ensure your hands and avoid leaving any fingerprints.
  • Another, employing a delicate, dry microfiber cloth or an extendable duster, tenderly wipe the glass to expel any excess tidy soil and grime.
  • Do not disregard the light bulb – messy light bulbs not as it were see ugly, but they’re moreover much less vitality productive. Keeping them clean will offer assistance to them to working better and guarantee that your lighting is as shining as it ought to be!
  • At long last, provide any cables and fixings a wipe down.

Giving your glass hanging lights a deeper clean

glass hanging pendant light

Giving your pendant lights a standard cleaning will offer assistance to diminish build-up, but it’s a great thought to grant them a more intensive cleaning each so regularly (maybe once or twice a year). This will offer assistance to get into those ungainly alcoves and corners and permit you to evacuate more determined soil and grime. Sometime recently you start, you’ll have to assemble a couple of things:

  •  a soft microfibre cloth
  • a bowl of warm (not hot) water
  • glass-safe liquid soap or detergent
  • a sturdy step ladder or chair
  • rubber gloves
  • a screwdriver (if applicable)
  • some newspaper
  • a soft, clean towel
  1. Take the vital safeguards. As over, make beyond any doubt the power supply to the light is turned off and the lightbulb is cool, which your stepping stool or chair is set equitably on the floor.
  2.  Disassemble your hanging light. For a more profound clean, it’s best to expel the glass shade. Precisely how your pendant lamps are gathered will shift, but ordinarily, you’ll remove the bulb and after that the shade. Reach up carefully inside the pendant to unscrew the bulb, and after that evacuate the fixings that hold the glass in put (as a rule by unscrewing or unclipping them).
  3.  Soak the glass in warm water. Shake any surface tidy or soil from the glass onto the daily paper, and put the glass in the bowl of warm, lathery water. Take off it to soak for a couple of minutes. (Note: you ought to never put your glass pendant in a dishwasher!)
  4. Wipe the pendant with a delicate cloth. After evacuating the pendant from the water, wipe it with a delicate cloth, utilizing tender circular developments, on both the interior and exterior. On the off chance that the glass is oily, you’ll be able to utilize a glass cleaner (even though check its suitability to begin with). It’s best to apply the cleaner to the cloth instead of the glass itself.
  5. Towel dry the pendant. Utilize a delicate, clean towel to delicately dry your glass pendant and offer assistance to anticipate any streaks.
  6. Clean the lightbulb(s). Carefully wipe the bulb – if vital you’ll be able to utilize a moist cloth, but make beyond any doubt you directly clear the metal base, and utilize warm instead of hot water. Permit the bulb to dry completely.
  7. Reassemble your pendant light. Now that everything’s clean and dry, it’s time to put it all back together. Making beyond any doubt the control is still off, delicately supplant the glass and apply the glass fixings. Pop the bulb back in…and appreciate your recently shining glass pendant light!

Cleaning chandeliers – On the off chance that you have got a chandelier fashion pendant light, tenderly clean and dry each piece of glass independently. (In case you’re getting to dismantle your chandelier for cleaning, it’s worth taking a picture on your phone once you have to put it back together!) 

At Whispering Homes we make affordable designer lighting for beautiful rooms. You can view our range of glass pendant lights here.

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