The lacquered finish may well be covering and reputed to be resistant, but it does require a minimum of maintenance to keep its furniture intact. A good regular maintenance keeps the surface clean and always aesthetic. It sometimes happens that shocks or scratches nevertheless damage the furniture. Hairspray can indeed be tricky at times. A thorough cleaning is then necessary to remedy this. Here we give you the best practices for properly cleaning your lacquered furniture.

Maintenance and regular cleaning of the lacquered finish

To begin, you must first dust the furniture. We use a microfiber cloth moistened with lukewarm water for this. Make circular movements on all the lacquered parts of the furniture. When you are done, you can immediately dry with a dry cloth. We avoid leaving humidity stagnant on the lacquer.

The choice of tool for scrubbing is important. The microfiber cloth is the most suitable, as it is soft and risk-free. Do not use a brush or the abrasive side of a sponge which could scratch the lacquer.

What to do in case of scratches?

Scratches can happen quite quickly if you are not careful with your lacquered furniture. One of the shortcomings of lacquer is that it is susceptible to scratches. This impairs the smooth surface and visual appearance. To try to solve this, we can test several products:

  • toothpaste: put a little toothpaste on a cloth, then rub the damaged area with circular movements
  • special anti-scratch product used for car bodies

Remove stains

Tasks can also occur. They form halos that will spoil the general aesthetics of the furniture. If a liquid is projected on the lacquer, acting quickly by absorbing this liquid with a cloth will be the best solution. If it is too late and a stain appears, we can first clean it with a damp cloth and a little dishwashing liquid. If this is not enough, repeat the operation, replacing the dishwashing liquid with a few drops of white vinegar. Remember to dry after each cleaning.

What you should not do

As we have seen, lacquer is sensitive to scratches and humidity. This is why we avoid any risk of projection of liquid likely to stain the furniture, such as a glass of red wine or a flower pot that is placed directly on the furniture and that we water regularly.

According to Homary, it is advisable not to place the lacquered piece of furniture too close to a heat source such as the radiator or the wood stove.

Hairspray can also be sensitive to sunlight. Too much exposure to it can yellow and deteriorate the lacquer.

Harsh cleaning products such as solvents, bleach or acetone are prohibited, under penalty of damaging it. Similarly, powdered cleaning products are not recommended, as rubbing with a cloth could leave scratch marks.

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