While gacha games originated in Japan, they have increased in popularity throughout the world in recent years, no doubt because of the boom in mobile gaming. You may now discover a plethora of gacha games with fascinating environments, fully-fleshed characters, and captivating plots.

We’ll rate the greatest gacha games in 2022 in this article. We’ve made certain that all of the games are compatible with either Android or iOS.


Section 1: The Rise of Gacha Games

A Gacha Game  is a kind of digital-to-bet type of game in which the player does not get to know what is in their deck or what card they own at the start. The deck is generated by the developer or publisher of the game, the task being to discover cards. It can be claimed that the motive behind the launch of Gacha games are the practical financial advantages that you might get by winning rare and valuable cards.

Aside from financial rewards, you will also get a wide variety of rewards with gacha games. The most effective things you get are art cards, but if you’re serious about your play time, you can also experience fantasy events. We’ve developed the following section of the article to assist you in making the right choice.


What are gacha games?

The word gacha usually refers to a gacha pack, in which a mobile gamer gets items that are new and exciting in a collection. A lot of gacha games offer fans the opportunity to receive rare, limited, or even legendary items that have great rarity.

This can be a little tricky if the gacha game you’re considering doesn’t offer those items. You can also turn down the gacha player to enter the mobile game, or you can enter yourself.

Gacha games tend to offer you items that match up with other players in the world. In other words, you have to match up with other players who are using that particular gacha game. You’re allowed to join gacha games that have prizes that only you can participate in.

Gacha Game Recommendations 

Mythic Heroes

The game is a free Idle RPG, also known as RPG AFK, that allows you to collect rewards and advance in the adventure even when you are not playing. Mythic Heroes is a game in which you call numerous heroes, gods, and genuine historical individuals from all across the world and send them into war. From Joan of Arc to Lucifer, Gaia to Anubis, and Izanami to Mulan, the game’s lineup of heroes is wide. Developed by IGG, which is already known for other platform giants such as Lord Mobile and Castle Clash, the game is a free Idle RPG, also known as RPG AFK, that allows you to collect rewards and advance in the adventure even when you are not playing.

Using strategy games, gacha, and dungeon warfare, Mythic Heroes creates a magical salad by combining legendary heroes with historical and literary people. Unfortunately, the end product is a really basic producer that, although enjoyable, feels like more of the same. We are certain that once they try it out, they will not be able to stop.

KonoSuba: Fantastic Days

KonoSuba: Fantastic Days is a mobile RPG by Nexon and was eventually released globally, and it was a true thrill for everyone who had been anticipating it. To put it mildly, the game did not disappoint, at least in the eyes of the audience. KonoSuba: Fantastic Days is a  gacha game based on the comedy-adventure anime.

It’s a fantastic opportunity for people to see this fantastic universe in person, complete with authentic Japanese voice casts and top-notch visual design. It’ll be an exciting journey with well-known characters like Aqua, Darkness, Megumin, and more. Furthermore, new heroes will accompany you on your journey. It is your responsibility to save the realm from the forces of evil. Make sure you don’t acquire cold feet. Let’s get this trip started!

Konosuba Amazing Days is a fantastic game in terms of appearance and simple to pick up. If you’re a fan of the series, you’ll have a blast, and there’s nothing to lose by giving it a shot. Non-fans will still enjoy the game, albeit they may have difficulty understanding the allusions or comprehending what is going on.

Blue Archive

NAT Games’ Blue Archive is the newest gacha craze, a subsidiary of publisher Nexon. Blue Archive is an adorable anime-style role-playing game that immediately catches players’ hearts. You’ll take on the role of a homeroom instructor who guides his kids through educational obstacles. The gameplay is super interesting in this game, and the model and shape of existing characters is also a concern of the gamers.

It appears to be a simple game, but it is not. Blue Archive contains both a strategy and an action element. You will play the role of a sensei or teacher, guiding your students in a group setting. You will bring 6 Chibi-shaped characters to each of his levels for one squad, which will consist of four striker characters and two special characters. Striker characters will be in the front and fight foes head-on, while special characters will be supporting them from behind, assisting with attacks, buffs, and healing, among other things. Furthermore, Blue Archive is an extremely costly investment. This is a Gacha game, but the rate is awful, and the only way to improve it is to spend a lot of money in order to acquire your favorite characters. Although the game’s artwork looks to be uncensored.

In the end, Blue Archive is a gacha with enough gameplay to keep even the most picky fans entertained. You can overlevel yourself, but players with a decent team composition and ultimate use will be able to gain an advantage.

The ability to employ your favorite females and devote money to empowering them appears to be Blue Archive’s greatest strength.

Revived Witch

Revived Witch is a collaboration between Yostar Limited and PixelNeko, with SNK’s help. When thinking about Revived Witch, the first thing that springs to mind are pixel art characters and sceneries. The pixel graphics style is reminiscent of Octopath Traveler and early Final Fantasy games in terms of general mood. Revived Witch also includes the usual high-quality hand-drawn character illustrations. The album includes orchestral soundtracks that sound like they were made using real instruments.

Revived Witch is a role-playing game with some light puzzle elements. The main concept of this RPG is simple, albeit a touch clichéd. One plays as a witch who lost her memory and  must investigate a mysterious tower in order to save the world and reclaim her memory. She is aided by a group of “dolls” that follow her into battle. The dolls are fictitious bodies that are powered by souls from other worlds. The doll system simply lays out how plot-relevant characters can be joined to a party. Revived Witch is a game with a lot of recognizable components, which isn’t always a negative thing.

In a word, Revived Witch distinguishes out among comparable JRPG games mostly because of its incredible blend of elements and flawless dolls. New functionalities and gorgeous personalities are worth anticipating.

Figure Fantasy

Gacha mechanics are common in current mobile games, but Figure Fantasy takes the term to its final extreme. Figure Fantasy is the ideal game for everyone who enjoys playing with figures and admiring their collection on a personalized shelf. I’m already guilty of this in real life, but as any collector will tell you, money (and shelf space) are limited. While we all wish we had infinite means to finish our collections, it’s simply not possible in real life, especially as adults, is it?

Figure Dream, thankfully, understands your innermost wounds and frustrations and wants to assist you with your “fantasy” – and no, it doesn’t have to be expensive.

Players take on the primarily off-screen role of a young collector with the ostensibly unusual ability to communicate with his or her plastic anime figurines. The player and their Figurines are soon confronted with a whole society of walking, talking PVC models. They are soon approached by the enigmatic Bureau, which hires them to assist in the protection of plastic residents. A nefarious faction known as Apocalypse, on the other hand, attempts to create strife among the city’s Figurines.

Overall, Figure Fantasy takes a standard gacha game and gives it a new twist, and it’s really consistent. Even the backdrops and settings are created in miniature. The in-game currencies are rather generous, so it doesn’t seem like it’s pay-to-win at all. Figure Fantasy is a terrific idle gacha RPG with charming characters and a surprisingly fascinating story.

Punishing: Gray Raven

There aren’t many games these days that can grab your attention and keep it in a vice-like grip, especially with so many titles vying for it on mobile. In the virtual world, where time is a valuable commodity, deciding where to invest is a difficult challenge.

Kuro Games’ Punishing Gray Raven, luckily, makes it easy for you: the action RPG shamelessly demands your attention, which you’ll gladly provide, and you’ll discover that you’re more than happy to give it.

Players take on the role of a Commandant, a human in control of android-like Constructs, in Punishing: Gray Raven. The Commandant commands Gray Raven, an elite human resistance team tasked with reclaiming Earth after it was overrun by the Corrupted, robots infected with a terrible Punishing Virus that drives them to seek out the abolition of humanity. Its plot, which attempts to answer themes such as what distinguishes computers from humans and the significance of memories, is eerily similar to NieR: Automata, albeit the latter’s narrative beats are substantially greater.

Punishing Gray Raven has joined the pantheon of high-quality gacha legends, of which there are just a handful. This game features furious action gameplay, rich customisation, amazing characters, and extremely detailed designs packaged in a decent free-to-play model following a bumpy start. Despite the fact that the game does not break new ground in the genre, each aspect contributes to a fantastic mobile experience. Punishing: Gray Raven has the best chance of sticking on a platform that’s suddenly flooded with intriguing experiences vying for players’ attention.

Princess Connect! Re:Dive

Princess Connect! Re:Dive is a Cygames-developed anime mobile action role-playing game with a hefty amount of story. There are a lot of systems to learn about in this Japanese Role-Playing Game, but not so many that it seems overwhelming. It’s also not overly straightforward and necessitates some planning on the side of the player. Of course, there’s the normal microtransaction element that comes with mobile games, but it’s restricted to purchasing Jewels, which can be used to replenish other currencies, refresh stamina, and unlock character Gacha. However, items may be obtained organically through growth, so the decision to pay real money is yours. 

The main tale follows Yuuki, a Princess Knight who lost her memory after a huge fight and must reclaim it in order to unravel the actual mystery of Astraea. Along the journey, she meets a slew of new acquaintances (a few of whom develop a love of her over time) who eventually join your party thanks to the wonders of gacha pulls. The character relationships and even their distinct side storylines that you uncover by raising each character’s connection level really shine in this story. There are also some amusing narratives about each of the characters’ guilds.

The lovely backdrop cinematic in Princess Connect! Re:Dive lets you know it’s a high-quality game right away. In fact, there are a number of anime cinematics in the key plot sections — and we’re talking television/streaming service quality with Japanese voice-over and subtitles. The remainder of the game is made up of character portraits, backdrops, and other artwork, all of which is really well done and diverse.

Princess Connect Re Dive is a pleasant and easy gacha RPG with gaming features that border on idle. The stamina does run out soon, but that’s only because you’ve been playing for hours to unlock all of the unit’s distinct narratives. You’ll be rewarded with a few big story moments without hitting any paywalls if you treat it like an anime and watch it in small intervals.

Alchemy Stars

Alchemy Stars is a mobile gacha game that has surpassed 10 million downloads worldwide since its launch. With an epic plot that matches high fantasy literature, Tencent Games and Tourdog Studio bring this line strategy RPG to life. Alchemy Stars is an immersive game that mixes basic cultured tile warfare sequences with text-based storytelling. In this classic tale of good vs. evil, assemble an incredible band of elemental allies and fight back. Beautiful anime imagery, hauntingly beautiful music, and really hard turn-based gameplay that pushes players to think on their feet are all features of this game. Because it’s a gacha game, it has one of the genre’s most common flaws: a draining resource grind.

The adventure begins 17 years after the Eclipsites invaded Astra and destroyed the fields in a violent takeover. All that’s left are the Aurorians, you, the last Caelestite, and Soroz, the last ancient colossus. Unlike the other races, the Caelestites were able to communicate with their colossus psychically. Players will team up with a group of Aurorians, who each have their own elemental skills. You must battle the Eclipsites and learn the truth about the Caelestites’ disappearance.

Alchemy Stars is a line-based strategy game in which players travel across the battlefield using coloured tiles. You defeat monsters by linking tiles of the same colour on a board. The characters in the party can conduct a special area-of-effect assault if a player connects a particular amount of tiles. Higher tile counts result in greater multipliers, however in some cases, being closer to the opponents is more crucial than the number of combos.

Alchemy Stars isn’t the most difficult game out there. The colorful tile battlefield may get tedious to certain gamers. Strategy is important in this game, as it is in other gacha games. Alchemy Stars sequences are evocative of massive console games because of the superbly created, live 2D artwork. It’s a game that’s equal parts story and action. By breaking up narrative mode and gameplay, Alchemy Stars smoothly intertwines plot, battle action, and the plot and dialogue are engaging. The artwork is stunning and runs smoothly without lag. If you enjoy RPGs and strategy games, you will enjoy this one.


Several major Japanese media companies, including Nintendo, Square Enix, and Aniplex, have recently adapted their IP into gacha games in order to capitalise on the expanding mobile gaming sector. This is a marketing approach that aims to keep gaming enthusiasts engaged with the company while also generating revenue.

Gacha games will only become more popular in the years ahead, especially in 2022. It’s the best time to try a gacha if you haven’t before.

Keep in mind that certain gacha games use more aggressive monetization strategies than others, and you don’t have to pay real money to play them.

So , what is your favorite gach game.?

Review of Destiny 2: The Witch Queen is now underway.

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