If you ask us, we feel that the wall décor is one of the most important things of any home. It does not only give a different look to your homes, but also it creates a personality of their own! Your home depicts and showcases stories and preferences similar to yours and hence, it gets a redefined outlook. Staring at the blank walls is something very boring, in the first place! So, creating walls that tells you a story or makes your heart go happy is all that someone needs for their home. 


While wall décor is not just limited to incorporating pretty patterns and wall art designs on the walls, there is definitely much more to it! With a few additions, you can make the walls of your home elegant and subtle. Because your wall décor is not just for the walls of your living room or bedroom, the hallways and entrance of your home deserves as much beauty as the other parts as well.


One common mistake that people often make is that they think that to change their wall décor, they need to change the entire set up of their home. Revamping and decking up your home interior with classy and trendy wall décor ideas does not mean that you have to change the other things at your home as well. You can simply transform the walls with quirky décor and wait for your entire home to comply with it and this is probably one of the best reasons for having classy wall décor!


Top and trendy wall décor art ideas for decking up your home:


We understand that you must be confused with so many ideas and wall art prints for different types of interior décor, so your helping hand to guide through the best is already here! Whispering Homes have cut out and listed some of the best wall décor for living room, bathroom wall décor and kitchen wall décor that you can have to enhance the beauty of your home like no other!


So, scroll through the ideas and the website to know better how each one will be compatible at your place in the best way possible!


  • Statement or signal art — We have often seen homes with just a single big piece of artwork on their walls. Statement art gets the attention of the eyes and improves the overall look of the room. Because of its distinct and clear features, there is no need for other wall décor items. This can be best done by the metal wall art statement pieces from Whispering Homes that are indeed a true beauty to the eyes!


  • Gallery wall — Gallery wall does not only mean that you have to deck up the walls with photo frames. It can also be done by incorporating canvas wall art frames and 3D wall art for the best results! The different types of art done on these frames is enough to turn heads. The best part about having a gallery wall is that you do not have to think whether they are suitable with the existing wall décor or not. Gallery walls are compatible with any type of interior décor and home design style!


Top 8 Trendy Décor Ideas to Transform Your Walls


  • Accent wall décor — Fix some empty wall vases or frames of abstract wall art on the walls of your living room, hallways or the entrance of your home. The best thing about accent walls is that you do not have to make them match with anything. They can be the best standalone wall décor that will glam up the entire home with its sheer elegance and subtleness!



  • Touch of botany — If you want to build up a unique and quirky living room wall décor with a touch of nature, then what are you waiting for? Use classy wall vases and top them up with some beautiful and ravishing original flowers or some dried flowers and grasses to make your room’s ambience look pretty! This touch of botany in your home will create fresh and lively vibes that will instantly make anyone feel happy. This wall décor set up is one of the easiest to maintain, without any doubt!


  • Wall sculptures and murals — Handwoven wall baskets and wall plates have a beauty of their own! They have a classy and trendy look that blends well with all types of home interior style and gets the best results out of it. Your contemporary wall art with these sculptures and murals will turn your home into an abode of beauty! Take a look at the collection from the Whispering Homes to get the best one for your home.



  • Mirrored wall décor — Decorative wall mirrors are a thing of beauty and charm that you would not find in any other wall décor! Being as trendy and timeless as it can be, the framed mirrors are available in beautiful designs and shapes. With mirrors on the walls, you do not need anything else to make your walls look pretty. Making your space look bigger and brighter, the decorative wall mirrors are definitely something that are never going out of trend!


  • Customised maps for the walls — Capturing and framing your memories into a picture not only gives a special feel, but also makes your wall décor go unique and classy! The customised star maps and street maps with special framed memories for the wall décor of your bedroom will be one of the best things that you can do to instil happiness and comfort in your zone. Being totally unique and different from other bedroom wall décors, this style is never going to fade away!



Wall lights decoration — When you are thinking about the different types of wall décor ideas that can help you transform the look of your home in a trendy and classy manner, decorating your walls with lights is one thing that should not skip your mind! Wall sconces are a real thing of beauty and with the lights come the amazing designs and shape of them. You can have them installed on the walls of your living room and bedroom to get the aesthetic vibe just right!


While these are just some of the options that you can consider for building your wall décor into something beautiful and unique, there are many more than just these 8 ideas! If you have a Bohemian themed home interior décor, you can accordingly go for the Boho wall décor ideas with greenery and vases. Likewise, for contemporary or modern interior designs, you can choose to go for contemporary wall art frames or wall paintings that will not just make your walls look pretty, but also elevate the space with its chic and subtle ways!


Unique wall hanging décor that you can opt for:


Without revamping the entire wall for a wholesome and attractive décor, here are some ways to deal with easy wall décor as well. Have a look and try out these unique wall hanging décor that you can simply not miss having at your home!


Trendy wall décor shopping online:


Getting your hands on the trendy wall décor online is one of the easiest things that you can do. Being affordable, highly premium in quality and also, the quick deliveries is all you need for transforming your walls into something meaningful and beautiful! Whispering Homes is just the best place for you to explore and shop the different wall décor items for any type of home interior décor. So, Shop on to the website and get hold of some classy ones without thinking twice about it!


Since wall décor is a very personal thing, your home deserves to have the best from the lot and this is only possible when you choose from the Whispering Homes!

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