Even without maintenance, they look gorgeous. These are a few of the many reasons why they have become so popular over a short period of time. They fit perfectly into modern homes. These dried flowers come in so many versions. The most popular ones are the bouquets. The bouquets look gorgeous. 

With this new found love of dried flowers hasn't completely eradicated the use and importance of fresh flowers. People still have a sentimental touch and feel towards fresh flowers. It is this emotion which pushes people to buy fresh flowers. Most of these fresh flowers mean so much to us. So much that even after they have dried up we do not feel like giving or throwing them away. You can preserve them or make some beautiful handmade greeting cards using these fresh flowers. These flower pressed handmade cards are so pretty and are so easy to make as well

How To Create Beautiful Pressed Flower Cards

These handmade dried flower cards do not require a lot of materials or a lot of time. You can use it to make some amazing greeting cards. A few occasions where you can use these handmade dried flower cards

  • Birthday

  • Anniversary

  • Mother's day/Father's day 

  • Sympathy/ Get well soon

These are just a few occasions where you can give these cards but we all know we don't really need a reason to give cards. These dried flower handmade cards can say 'I am sorry' and 'I love you'. So basically we can use these cards for any and all occasions.

Now let us understand how you can make these gorgeous looking cards.

  • Get your flowers

 Take a walk in your garden to pick up some fresh flowers. It is not necessary to use only fresh flowers. You can use flowers which are beginning to dry as well. If you have a bouquet of all your favorite flowers and you do not want to throw it, then you can use the flowers in the bouquet. If the flowers are a bit bigger in size then you might have to separate the petals and use the petals instead of the entire flower.

  • Arrange your flowers

 Once you have gathered all your favorite flowers it's time to arrange them. Arrange the petals, flowers as well as the leaves in a way where the flowers don't touch each other and can keep their shape. Do this arrangement on a piece of newspaper. Once the flowers have dried you cannot change their shape. So think about how you want your flowers to look. After you are done with that, place another sheet of newspaper on it and get it ready for pressing. 

  • Press these flowers

 Now that you have your flowers ready for pressing, we will place the newspaper sandwich between two cardboards. Cardboard will absorb the moisture but will not dehydrate the flower. Now keep some heavy books on this cardboard sandwich. Depending on the weight, add more or less books on it. Keep this setup in a well ventilated area to dry it faster and prevent molds. Your work here is done. The flowers will start and you will only have to check on them once a day. Make sure the flowers have no moisture in them. 

How To Create Beautiful Pressed Flower Cards

  • Remove and style your flowers

 Once your flowers are completely dry, remove them very carefully. Your petals and leaves could be very delicate, so remove them carefully and patiently. 

  • Glue and secure your flowers 

 Your flowers are now ready to be used. Take your greeting card paper, preferably white as it will highlight your flowers, and start placing your flowers in patterns you like. This is your time to get creative. So stylize the paper. You can also overlap them to create some interesting textures. After you are happy with the styling, glue them to the paper. Leave it overnight to dry completely. 

As you have completed the main task, you can go ahead and write a message on your card. 

If you do not have the time to make the card by yourself, you can always find dried flower cards online in india. Have a look and select the card which you love the most. 


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